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WN500 Portable Power Station

Short Description:

type: WN500

certification: CE,FCC,PSE,ROHS

net weight: 5.9 KG

size: 200*176*146 mm

Product Detail

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rated power: 500.24 Wh
battery pack: 135200 mAh
battery voltage: 14.8V
AC charging time: 19V5A  6h
on-board charge time: 12-15V/8A  6h
solar panel charging time: 18-24V/100W  6h
USB1(2): 5V2.4A
USB3: QC3.0 5-12V 18W(Max)

TYPE-C PD: 5-20V 60W(Max)
cigar lighter output: 12V10A
DCφ5.5: 12V5A
screen: LCD screen
shell: aerometal
battery protection: BMS
LED light: 5W(MAX), SOS, flash

About This Item

  • The device fully meets your expectations and requirements, has a very good price-performance ratio, is strong in workmanship and quality, and is of high quality. There are four LED lighting modes: normal light, strong light, SOS, strobe, easy to light at night. therefore the practical cube can be easily taken anywhere, use this device for emergency charging during multi-day trips, the best!
  • Other unique designs: ① Independent AC / DC provides convenient operation when charging different devices; ② The multifunction LCD display shows the remaining battery / power / parameter status. The ultra-bright LCD screen can even camp without a light source, so you can see at a glance.Weighing 13 pounds , it can be easily put in our car and taken anywhere where electricity is needed.
  • Further charging options: with AC / DC / USB, output function: 220V AC output; 2DC output; 2 USB output 5V/2.4A; QC / 3.0: 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A (2.4A automatic). Power your laptops, electric bikes, cameras, drones, fans, car devices, CPAP machines, etc.14.8 V 135200 mAh 500Wh battery, reduce the electrical noise from fans, TVs, etc.
  • Highly efficient solar generator in triple charging mode: WOODENOX power plant is equipped with a lithium battery pack, which can be efficiently charged by 15-24 volt solar modules (not included), power supply unit and car charger. Worry about reducing the battery capacity. Provide comprehensive protection to protect you from overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating, and to keep you and your equipment safe.
  • Convenient power supply: a larger version of an ideal backup battery power station that can support most devices, very suitable for family use / travel / camping / fishing / hiking / hunting etc. some devices out there, mobile power can do more urgent things. And offer 12 months of customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

More Run time charged by WN500

rth (5)


About 50-60Mins

rth (2)

Electric blanket

About 5 hrs

rth (1)

electric oven

About 10hours

rth (3)

Mini cooler

About 10hours

rth (4)


About 6.5 hrs

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