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Case Study

Army Campus

Flat Pack Container Houses Army campus

Army Campus

Case Details

The client requested to plan a collective dormitory on a land of 6,700 square meters for personnel living. WOODENOX provides the housing demand part, including 300 sets of 20ft flat pack container houses. According to the design plan, 116 sets of flat pack container houses are used for personnel living and building dormitories; 84 sets of flat pack container houses are used for building canteens; 100 sets of flat pack container houses are used for building shower rooms and toilets.

Project Details

Application: Dormitory, Canteen, Shower room, Toilet

Project Profile: 6058mm*2438mm*84 units +5800mm*2438mm*216 units total

Peace Keeping Force Trainning Campus

case study - Peace keeping force trainning campus

Nucleic Acid Testing Station

case study - Nucleic Acid Testing Station

Isolation Hospital Project

case study - Isolation hospital project

3 - Floors Office Government Building

case study - 3-floors office government building

3 Storeies office government building

Project Details

Application: Office

Project Profile: 6058mm*2438mm*3 units + 5800mm*2438mm*4 units total

Wind resistance value: 0.6KN/M2

Seismic fortification intensity: 8 degrees

The flat pack house has three floors with a stair walk and railing.

The steel frame structure materials are all Q235B, and the paint film thickness of electrostatic spraying exceeds 60μm;

The roof panel and ceiling panel are made of galvanized color steel plate, and the color is white gray;

The wall panel material is made of color steel rock wool sandwich panel, the rock wool bulk density exceeds 60kg/M3, and the combustion performance is Class A non-combustible;

The insulation cotton is made of glass wool, with aluminum foil on one side, and the combustion performance is Class A non-combustible;

The door adopts the combined design of steel single door, aluminum alloy double glass single door and aluminum alloy double glass double door;

The windows are designed with single glass sliding windows and aluminum alloy.

Factory Office Building

case study - Factory office building

2 - Floors Office Building

case study - 2-floors office building

2 Storeies Office Building

Project Details

Application: Office

Project Profile: 3 units 8*20ft flat pack container houses

Wind resistance value: 0.6KN/M2

Seismic fortification intensity: 8 degrees

This flat pack container house has two floors with stairs and railings. Rock wool color steel insulation boards are used for the wall panels, and water and electricity are organized for drainage and electrical concealment. Under normal circumstances, the service life is 15-20 years, and the service life is affected by natural factors such as the local climate and environment.

Single Office Building

case study - Single Office Building

2 Storeies Light Gauge Steel Villa

case study - 2 Storey Homes Design

2 - Floors Hotel Apartment

case study - 2-floors hotel apartment

2 Storeies Flat Pack Container House

Case Details

The housing problem is still a development issue that has plagued South Africa for many years. In order to meet the local rental demand, the South African client plans to build a rental community on a piece of land, and customized a batch of unconventional-sized flat pack container houses from WOODENOX to meet the needs of low-income people for renting need.

All the components of the flat pack container house are produced in the factory in advance, and the site is quickly installed, which greatly reduces the generation of construction waste and truly realizes the concept of green living. The thermal insulation materials used in flat pack container houses are mainly glass fiber cotton, which has good thermal insulation effect, so it is more and more popular among young people.

Project Details

Application: Hotel Apartment

Project Profile: 6058mm*2438mm*52 units + 3029mm*2438mm*26 units total

The flat pack container house has a 2 storeies structure, and the first floor is used as an activity place, equipped with a shower room, toilet, kitchen, etc., and the living aspects are complete and convenient. The second floor is used as a resting place with a small balcony.

2 Bedroom Holiday Hotel Room

case study - 2 bedroom holiday hotel room

2 Bedroom Flat Pack Container House

Case Details

In order to meet the local needs, the Australian client customized a total of 16 sets of unconventional-sized flat pack container houses from WOODENOX, which are used for holiday hotels where tourists live.

Compared with traditionally built hotels, the advantage of the holiday hotel built with flat pack container houses is that the module components have been processed in the factory, so the on-site installation is very convenient and fast, and it can be disassembled and reused; secondly, the flat pack container houses are made of steel structures, special panels and complementary materials, so its structure is safer and stronger, especially in earthquake-stricken areas; since flat pack container houses are much less costly in terms of materials, manufacturing processes, and labor than traditional house structures, the The price offered to consumers can also be more economical and reasonable.

WOODENOX provides customers with high quality, economical and reasonable prices, and good services, so it has been favored by customers

Project Details

Application: Holiday Hotel

Project Profile: 7200mm*2438mm*4 units + 6058mm*2438mm*16 units total

The holiday hotel consists of 10 units of 40ft flat pack container houses. One-unit flat pack container house has two single bedrooms with public shower, toilet, kitchen, etc.

Single Holiday Hotel Room
case study - Single holiday hotel room

40ft one-bedroom one-living-room flat pack container house hotel accommodation

Case Details

According to customer needs, WOODENOX uses flat-pack container houses with better insulation and noise reduction performance based on local environmental conditions. Combined with customer requirements, WOODENOX uses a horizontal connection method to combine into a 40ft one-bedroom and one-living room container house. WOODENOX provides one-stop service, from design, production, packaging, delivery to after-sales service. We strictly grasp every progress to ensure quality and not cut corners.

The hotel's housing container houses are designed in a modular way, with doors and windows installed, and sound insulation and heat insulation are improved. The interior is decorated to star-level living space standards, and corresponding home appliances, furniture and home accessories are purchased according to customer needs.

The customer purchased a flat pack container house with a size of 6055mm*3000mm*2896mm, and the purchase quantity was 26 sets, equipped with external guardrails, external floors, etc. 

After the delivery was completed, the customer gave us a good review for the product quality, delivery time, pre-sales and after-sales service!
Saint Martin Holiday Hotel

case study - Saint Martin Holiday Hotel

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