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Container Camp WNX22711 Temporary Prefab Homes Detachable Container House For Sale

Short Description:

The two-story design multi-unit temporary prefab homes is easy to transport and can be installed quickly. Detachable container houses have low cost, can be customized in size, can be used by many people, and are suitable for worker dormitory and other places.

Model : WNX22711

Life : 30 years

Resisting wind pressure value : 0.6KN/m²

Seismic fortification intensity : 8 Degree

Fire resistance : 1-3 hours

Type of house : 5950*3000*2800mm

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Item Value
Size 5950*3000*2800mm
Service life 10 years
Wind load 0.60kN/㎡
Sound insulation
sound insulation index≥20dB
Fire resistance A degree
Waterproof Free drainage on both sides of main beams
Seismic fortification
8 degree
Floor live load 2.0kN/㎡
Roof live load 1.0kN/㎡
Door 20*40 Galvanized steel tube, thickness 1.2mm
Wall panel Both side 0.25 50type 950type rock wool panel 50kg/m3
Window Steel Windows with anti-theft, single glass, 925*1200mm
Floor 18mm Fireproof + moist proof Mgo cement board, 1147mm*2795mm
Interior decoration Custom requirement
Accessories material Standard Including all screws, structural
adhesive, etc
WNX22701 5 - Mobile Homes
WNX22711 4 - Container Camp
WNX22711 5 - Container Camp


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