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WN1101 Portable Power Station

Short Description:

Type: WN1101

Certification: CE

Net weight: 11.8KG

Size: 192*303*192mm

Product Detail

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rated power: 1101Wh
battery pack: 297600mAh
battery voltage: 14.8V
AC charging time: 22V5A 13h
on-board charge time: 14V8A 13h
solar panel charging time: 18V110W 17h
USB1(2): (5-12V)22.5W
TYPE-C PD: (5-20V)3A 60W

TYPE-C PD: (5-15V)3A 45W
cigar lighter output: 12V10A
DCφ5.5: 12V5A
screen: VFD screen
shell: metal
battery protection: BMS
LED light: 5W


Meet All Your Needs, Anywhere, Anytime

With a high AC inverter load of continuous 1100W, Woodenox UA1101 features a massive 1100Wh capacity to power your equipment. No more worry about power outages interrupting your work. No matter where you are - at home, in your backyard, on a worksite, in the bush, or on a road trip, you can rely on UA1101 for credible power supply.

An Ideal Solution for Both Outdoor/ Indoor Use

Woodenox UAS120 can run most of your essential outdoor/indoor appliances and electronics such as Blenders, Ice coolers, Radios, Projectors, and more. In the event of unexpected blackout, it’s also perfect as a home backup system especially in some areas with unstable voltage.

Superior Capacity

As large as 1100Wh capacity, it’s capable to power up your devices for hours, a great power source for camping, van life, and more.

A Remarkable Necessity For Life

Meet your different needs in different scenarios, never run out of power, suitable for various occasions.


More Run time charged by WN1101

hrt (2)

2.5 Hrs

hrt (4)

1.5 Hrs

hrt (3)

2 Hrs

hrt (2)

18 Hrs

hrt (1)

2 Hrs

hrt (1)

60 Charges

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