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What should we pay attention to when installing container houses?

How to install a container houses:

The container houses is similar in construction to the traditional house. The surrounding and partition walls are leveled. It is recommended to use reinforced concrete, which is relatively firm. Then there are the columns, which are connected by transverse beams. Both the board and door frame need to be installed; then the floor is laid, and the entire shelf and roof panel are installed; doors and windows and support frames need to be installed. The last is the installation of sanitary ware and hardware.

• The concealed project of the container house refers to the construction, after the completion of one project on the dam, it will be covered by the next project. All the locations where there is no way to check after completion. When doing residential decoration, the concealed project is the most important. If it is good, even if it is beautifully decorated, it is useless.

• Concealed works are divided into hydropower construction, moisture-proof and waterproof construction, etc. Each link must be strictly and carefully. If there is a problem in one link, it will cause certain losses to itself, and even bring our lives in danger. The craftsmanship and material quality of the waterproof project must meet the standards, otherwise it will only bring unnecessary trouble to yourself.




Precautions for container houses installation:
• Pay attention to the drainage and water supply
The container is an overall wrought iron structure, and the basic work of drainage and water supply has been done well, so that damp can be avoided in the later stage.

• Pay attention to thermal insulation
The container itself does not have the function of thermal insulation, so it is cold in winter and hot in summer, so the thermal insulation layer is very important. After the container houses is fixed, it is necessary to add a layer of sound insulation cotton and insulation cotton, and install air conditioning facilities.

• Lightning protection measures
If the container house is installed in the alpine wilderness, the steel-structured container house is easy to become the target of lightning during thunderstorms. Therefore, the installation of lightning rods is particularly important. In addition to lightning protection measures, those container houses with stairs and balcony structures should also be Welded fence to ensure personal safety.



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Post time: Apr-27-2022