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What is the structure of the flat pack homes?

Decomposition of the flat pack homes structure


The specific structure of the flat pack homes is composed of roof insulation, roof top external plate, top main beam, top sub-beam, top corner part, seal, corner post, UPVC water pipe, wall panel, PVC skirting, PVC floor board, water proof film, bottom corner part, fiber cement board, MGO borad, plywood, insulation, bottom sub-beam, bottom main beam and bottom external plate.

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The flat pack homes adopts the modular design concept and production technology, and modularizes a container houses into standard components, which can be assembled on site or hoisted and placed on the site. This product takes the box as the basic unit. The box structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel components. The enclosure insulation materials are all non-combustible materials. The water, electricity and supporting functions are all prefabricated in the factory. Can be moved in when installed. It can be used alone, or it can form a spacious use space and stack through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions.

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The flat pack homes has a simple structure, low requirements for safety, and has the characteristics of fast on-site installation, convenient moving and relocation, many turnover times, and long service life. The product is disassembled and assembled without loss and construction waste. Bathroom, entertainment and combined large space use, can meet the needs of construction camps, municipal temporary housing, field operation barracks, emergency resettlement housing, schools, hospitals, tourist stations, and various commercial housing needs.



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Post time: May-26-2022