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What is the difference between detachable container house and flat pack container house?

The difference between the detachable container house and the flat pack container house

Detachable container house and flat pack homes are both types of mobile homes. Detachable container house is developed and extended on the basis of living container house, while flat pack homes are developed on the basis of shipping container house. These two types of housing It looks similar in appearance, but there are differences in the structure and performance of the house. What is the difference between detachable container house and flat pack homes?

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First, the production time is different

The detachable container house is connected to the column and the top and bottom beams by fastening screws, while the flat pack homes is connected to the column and the top and bottom beams by welding, so the time required to make the flat pack homes is longer than that of the detachable container house.

Second, the waterproof performance is different

Taking the common 3m*6m flat pack homes on the market as an example, the main materials include 4 columns, 4 beams of the upper and lower frames, 8 corner pieces, connecting corner heads and frames, and there are a total of 64 screws for the column. There are 4 groove plates and 9 secondary beams of the bottom frame. Wall panels and roof panels are made of double-sided color steel plates with a rock wool insulation layer in the middle. Some high-end container houses are also designed with special drainage pipes, which are hidden in the four pillars, which completely eliminates the hidden danger of water leakage in the house. Unlike ordinary container houses, the water flow is scattered around the top.

All frame profiles of the flat pack homs are rolled and formed by hot-dip galvanized steel plates, and the top has its own drainage ditch, which makes the house both beautiful and firm, and it is safer and more secure to use. The waterproof performance of the flat pack homs will be better than that of the fast consolidation. However, through continuous improvement in practice, detachable container house manufacturers can also fully guarantee the waterproof performance of the house. Through continuous optimization of box-type materials, detachable container house is more suitable for construction sites and various fields that require temporary housing.

Third, the degree of stability is slightly different

Because the flat pack homes uses a combination of frame + beam and column, it has better stability than fast consolidation, and has more advantages in windproof and seismic performance. However, after the optimization of materials, the performance of the technically improved detachable container house has been further improved. Due to the advantages of fast and convenient installation and disassembly, low transportation cost, and beautiful appearance, detachable container house can meet the requirements of three-story buildings and is widely used in various fields such as construction sites.

Flat pack homes combine many advantages of detachable container house and containers, which are more convenient for long-distance transportation, fast and convenient installation, high house strength, and high-quality flat pack homes are rarely damaged after multiple disassembly and transportation. However, the price of the flat pack homes will be slightly higher than that of the detachable container house, so in actual use, you can choose according to your actual needs.



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Post time: Jun-10-2022