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Mobile homes for construction sites

Advantages of using a mobile home on a construction site

Now the staff dormitories on construction sites are built with container houses, and this kind of residential container house can save a lot of rental fees, and the distance is close, so it does not delay the construction period, so the construction site likes to use container houses . So, what are the advantages of using a portable mobile prefab house on a construction site?

1. Migration is possible at any time

After the construction site is completed, it will generally be moved to another site, and the mobile home can also be moved together as a whole, and can be used directly without disassembly or re-installation. The mobile home can be used repeatedly, and its life is very long. Users basically do not have to worry about quality problems. Therefore, it can move freely with the construction site, which greatly satisfies the needs of construction site living.

2. Reduce build time

Living on the construction site is generally not too particular about being a temporary residence after all, so it is a better choice to use a mobile home that is quick and easy to build. You only need to choose a suitable mobile home and you can live in it after a little decoration, and even some You only need to move the container to a temporary parking place and you can live directly without too much modification or construction.

3. High reliability

Living on the construction site will worry about the accident of heavy objects or sundries falling, and with the container house workers do not have to worry about the impact of other heavy objects or noise. The containers are made of very thick steel plates, which are very strong and durable, can withstand large impacts, and have good sound insulation, heat insulation and moisture resistance. The choice of high living reliability can make workers without any worries.

4. More cost-effective investment

The number of workers on the construction site is generally large. If you want to arrange a living place, you need a lot of space. The mobile home not only has a large capacity but also has a low investment cost. It is more cost effective to rent or rent a house.

The mobile home can be prefabricated and installed on site, and the installation is fast and the disassembly is convenient. If the construction site wants to live in another place, it only needs to be disassembled and transported to the destination for reassembly to become a mobile home. The materials used in mobile homes are all environmentally friendly building materials, which meet the specified environmental protection requirements, so they are also welcomed by people.



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Post time: Jul-19-2022