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Flat Pack Container House Composition

What is a flat pack house made of?

The flat pack container house is composed of bottom structure, corner post, top structure and light wall panel. The light steel structure modular house that can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly can be formed into a transportation unit by flat packing to meet the requirements of multimodal transportation.

Bottom structure: the bottom structure that integrates the low frame, floor system, etc. at the bottom of the flat pack container house.
Corner column: The top and bottom corners of the four corners of the flat pack container house must be supported, and are the components of the flat pack container house to transmit vertical loads and bear horizontal loads.
Top structure: a top structure that integrates the top frame, roof system/ceiling system, etc. on the top of the flat pack container house.
Corner fittings: Structural parts connected to the top and bottom of the four corner columns of the flat pack container house, which have the functions of supporting, stacking, lifting and tightening the flat pack container house.

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What occasions are flat pack container house usually used for?

Temporary venues, most of which are trade fairs or expositions, need a venue, but they do not need to be used for a long time. At this time, a flat pack container house that can be built quickly and is easy to carry will be used.

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The construction site construction workers live and build materials are placed on the construction site. During construction, you can often see rows of two-story bungalows, which are usually used for construction workers to live in and temporarily place some building materials. In fact, these are flat pack container house, which are widely used in various industrial and construction fields, because these fields need such houses that can be built, lived in, dismantled, and moved.

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Temporary resettlement sites for sudden disasters, sometimes sudden In disasters such as floods and earthquakes, the houses in the affected areas will collapse and become uninhabitable. While waiting for the flood water level to drop or to build new houses, the government usually builds some temporary resettlement houses. Flat pack houses are a good choice. Demolition will not affect people’s subsequent recovery.

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What are the advantages of container houses?


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