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Do you know about mobile homes?

What is a mobile home?

Mobile homes are also known as Integrated housing or detachable houses. Mobile home is a new type of building. It is a kind of room that can be easily assembled and moved, such as a room that can be dragged behind a car. It has the function of a trailer in appearance and a room inside.

At present, integrated houses are mostly used for temporary offices, dormitories, transportation, water conservancy, oil, natural gas and other large-scale field exploration and field operations; temporary houses for large-scale sports activities and exhibitions; leisure villas and holiday houses in tourist areas; Post-disaster turnover houses and houses in the military field; various clubs and low-rise civil residences, etc. According to its application fields and product characteristics, integrated houses can be divided into two types: prefabricated houses and integrated houses.

The emergence of the integrated house is a revolutionary leap in the concept of architectural design. It is conceivable that in the future, construction sites will no longer be dusty and machine roaring. The process of building houses is just placing factory-made building blocks in prefabricated structures like building blocks, which will bring great changes to the construction industry.

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Advantages of mobile homes:

1. A mobile home or prefabricated home, a prefabricated dwelling that can be hauled from a manufacturing facility to a residential site. Today, most mobile homes are used as permanent residences in a fixed location. The home is relatively inexpensive to build due to year-round fabrication and mass production techniques.

2. Traditionally, mobile homes are placed on leased plots in mobile home parking lots, where water, electricity, postal services and other services are readily available. However, there are now many mobile homes placed on individual plots. These houses can be installed on permanent foundations or anchored to the ground with cables or steel straps.

3. The mobile integrated house has the advantages of high security, long service life, and can be reused many times, and its price is much lower than that of ordinary houses. Time can install a set of integrated houses, which can also be equipped with water, electricity and gas. It will not generate a lot of construction waste during the assembly process, and as long as the parts are not damaged when folded, it can be recycled many times. There are so many mobile homes, it can be predicted that it will become a new type of residence to replace traditional housing in the future.

Disadvantages of mobile homes:

1. Poor thermal insulation. Insulation effect is not good. Cold in winter, hot in summer.

2. The sound insulation effect is poor, and it is not easy to have a quiet environment.

3. The durability of the mobile prefab house is small and easy to break. Mobile prefab houses belong to temporary construction houses, which are mainly used for temporary office space, accommodation, and door-to-door housing.

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Post time: Nov-11-2022