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Detachable Container House

Characteristics of Detachable Container Houses

WNX26244 4 - Detachable Container House

1. High degree of factory prefabrication, convenient on-site installation

Detachable container houses 90% of factory prefabrication is completed, including doors and windows pre-installed in the wall, ceiling, floor, decoration, electrical system pre-embedded, etc., the on-site work content is less.

2. Detachable, movable, energy saving and environmental protection

The service life can reach 20 years, and it can be disassembled, reassembled and recycled at will. When the detachable container house is installed, it can be placed on a prefabricated concrete foundation with minimal damage to the original ground or vegetation.

3. Personalized design, excellent quality assurance

Special paints can be sprayed on demand, and elements such as decorative exterior wall finishes, glass curtain walls, and outdoor platforms can also be added. Environmentally friendly materials, quality and safety are assured.

4. The wall panels and thermal insulation are made of Class A fireproof materials, and the decorative accessories are complete

The wall panels are made of high-quality color steel plates, and the insulation is made of glass wool, rock wool and other materials. All indicators have reached the advanced level.

5. Wide range of use and beautiful appearance

Detachable container house can be used for schools, hospitals, shops, temporary buildings, etc. Sturdy construction, simple and stylish, and affordable.

6. Plate folding design, convenient transportation

Standardized module size, plate-type folding design, land transportation is not super long and super wide, the box corner is made of sea container box corner, which is hoisted as a lifting point for sea transportation.


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Post time: Jun-27-2022