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About the size of the container homes

Dimensions of container homes

The size of the container homes is 6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2.8 meters high.

1. The standard container homes is a 20ft container, and it can also be spliced up and down, left and right. The assembled container homes has a 40ft container and a 60ft container. Container prefab house, also called container homes, container house, refers to a house with windows and doors that is mainly based on containers after a little transformation. It is a house in which the skeleton is connected by transverse beams, and the upper partitions, external wall panels and door and window frames are used.


2. The width of the conventional container is 6 meters, the width is 3 meters, the appearance is a rectangular appearance, and its area is about 18 square meters. You can put 6 of these top-to-bottom beds, and there is still a lot of extra space for about 8 people. The size of 7 meters long and 3 meters wide is called a mobile home.


3. The outer dimension is 20x8x8 feet 6 inches, referred to as 20ft container, the size is 5898*2352*2390mm, 40x8x8 feet 6 inches is referred to as 40ft container, the size is 12024*2352*2390mm, the inner volume of 45ft high container is 13.58×2.34×2 .68 meters, the internal volume of the 20ft open top cabinet is 5.89×2.32×2.31 meters.




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Post time: May-07-2022