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About Modular Homes

What is a modular homes?

Modular homes have gradually entered people's field of vision, but most people still do not know the concept of modular homes. The so-called modular homes is to divide the components of the house into different functional modules. , Universal production to achieve factory manufacturing, the house can be assembled on site anytime, anywhere, and the whole process can be completed in just a few hours. Modular integrated building completely subverts the traditional house construction and non-recyclable mode, which can be simple, retro, habitable, entertaining, and can be used for special purposes. The invention and progress of science and technology provide technical support for the integrated construction of modules, and create various buildings that are free and changeable, scientific and intelligent, dance in harmony with nature, and integrate modern and traditional craftsmanship

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Modular homes is comprehensively used in residential, industry, commerical and public service area as the hotels, apartments, offices, supermarkets, educational facilities, government settlement housing, tourist spots, military camp and etc


Prominent advantages
Inexpensive but multifunctional
Can be used as temporary living room/dormitory/home/office/meetingroom/classroom/kitchen/canteen.

Strength and durability:
Shock-resistant & wind-resistant q235(yield strength)steel frame.
Good quality eps sandwich panel brings heat insulation and damp proof make comfortable living. The prefab homes is designed as water proof, so extra waterproof treatment is unnecessary

Convenient installation and Labor-saving:
All the parts of steel frame and eps panel are done in factory, all need to do in the construction field is to connect and stack 100 sqm prefab homes will just cost 2 days by only 4 workers.
The welding and cutting of steel is considered to be specialized labor and can increase construction expenses, yet overall it is still lower than conventional construction.

Movable and recyclable:
Can be moved by any kind of vehicle after convenient disassembly construction site/ campsite/mine lot/mountain area/disaster area)
Prefab homes can be recycled more than 5 times in it`s 20 years long service lifetime.
100% of the steel structure and 90% of the eps panel can be recycled in next assembly.



WOODENOX is a provider of one-stop prefab housing solutions

Post time: May-19-2022