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Modular Ready House Tiny Drawer House Mobile Customizable Prefab Houses

Short Description:

Container House Life : 50 years

Wind pressure resistance value : 0.6KN/㎡

Roof snow load : 100kg/㎡

Seismic fortification intensity : 8 degrees

Application scenario : Hotels, villas,vacations, private clubs, sun rooms, exhibition halls

Unfolded size type : 5800mm*2250mm*2530mm(type1)


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Modular ready house tiny drawer house mobile customizable prefab houses.It can settle down in any corner of the world. It can also be shipped  after finished in factory.Not only that, it also explainsWhat is a high-end mobile home.Under the premise of ensuring comfort.Taking health as the most important indicator and comparing the present to the future, we have developed a very livable housing system. Use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Complete functions, small footprint, reducing space constraints. Factory assembly and delivery, cost-saving, overall movable, beautiful appearance, low-key luxury, green standard materials are used for environmental protection, convenient to move, and wide application scenarios.

Container House Life : 50 years
Wind pressure resistance value : 0.6KN/㎡
Roof snow load : 100kg/㎡
Seismic fortification intensity : 8 degrees
Application scenario : Hotels, villas,vacations, private clubs, sun rooms, exhibition halls
Unfolded size type : 5800mm*2250mm*2530mm(type1)

Tiny Drawer House 8 - WOODENOX
Tiny Drawer House 7 - WOODENOX
Tiny Drawer House 9 - WOODENOX

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