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Flat Pack Homes WNX – ZZ0535 Luxury Prefab Houses China Factory Living Container House

Short Description:

Flat pack houses life : 30 years

Model : WNX – ZZ0535

Resisting wind pressure value : 0.6KN/m²

Seismic fortification intensity : 8 Degree

Fire resistance : 1-3 hours

Type of house : 5800*2250*2896 mm(Type1)


Product Detail

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Item Value
Structure Corner fitting: Steel plate component,Material Q235
Corner Post/Roof Main Beam/Base Beam: Galvanized section steel,Material SGH340
Roof Sub-beam/Base Sub-beam: Galvanized cold roll C steel,Material Q195
Electrostatic Coating: Coating thickness ≥ 60μm
Roof system galvanized color steel sheet, glass wool grade A fire retardant material
Floor system PVC, plywood or customized
Wall system color steel & rock wool sandwich panel,Grade A fire retardant material
Door system Steel door / Fire-proof door / Sandwich panel door
Window System 5mm double glass+Aluminium alloy frame
Electric/Drainage system Provided plan, design
Size(L*W*H) 5800*2250*2896mm(inside6058*2438*2896mm)

Flat pack homes luxury prefab houses china factory living container house. This flat pack homes has one bedroom, one kitchen and one bathroom. The inclined roof design is added to the top of the flat pack homes, which is simple and comfortable, easy to install and cheap.

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WNX-ZZ0535 6 - Flat Pack Homes
WNX-ZZ0535 7 - Flat Pack Homes


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