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Expandable Container House WECH241521 Supplier Folding Prefab Movable Homes 20ft 40ft OEM

Short Description:

Since the expandable container house has been decorated in the factory, the installation is simple and convenient, the labor efficiency is high, and the overall movement is convenient. WOODENOX provides 20ft/40ft customizable size, optional movable homes type, guaranteed quality, to provide you with a convenient and environmentally friendly home.

External dimensions(mm) : W 6320*L 5900*H 2480

Internal dimensions(mm) : W 6160*L 5450*H 2240

Folding state(mm) : W 2200*L 5900*H 2480

Total mass(kg) : 2000

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Basic feature External Dimensions (mm) W * L * H W 6320*L 5900*H 2480
Internal Dimensions (mm) W * L * H W 6160*L 5450*H 2240
Folding state (mm) W * L * H W 2200*L 5900*H 2480
Total mass (kg) 2000
Frame construction In the top beam T3 0mm Q 235B
The bottom beam T3.0mm Q 235B
End side beam T1.5mm Q 235B
Central pillar T3.0mm Q 235B
Side wall frame T1.5mm Q 235B
Second frame T1 .5mm Q 235B
Hanging head T4mm Q 235B
Fold the combined page 13mm, galvanized sheet
Integral frame protection coating Electrostatic spray plastic / straightforward plastic powder
The top and bottom of the cabinet 80*100
Side cabinet top bottom 40 * 60 * 1.5 Thick square pipe
Head of cask External roof Galvanized plate of t 0.5mm
Internal ceiling Interior ceiling of t 831
Wallboard Intermediate top insulation Side top 50 EP S sandwich panel
Side wall, front and rear wall panels T50m m EPS sandwich board
Internal partition T50m m EPS sandwich board
Internal toilet Around 1700 * 1500 (adjustment whole)
Floor board The middle floor Fire proof glass magnesium floor 15mm
On both sides of the floor 18MM, Bamboo and wood flooring
Electrical system Electrical wiring, installed in strict accordance with the moisture-proof specifications, all electricity All the device products
shall conform to the CE certification.According to the circuit engineering specification Connection circuit, indoor: LE D lamp,
suction ceiling lamp, International III Hole socket air conditioning socket, 63A leakage protector.voltage 110V ,50HZ
Ordinary security door Standard steel door / optional broken bridge aluminum double door opening
Window Standard plastic steel window / optional broken bridge aluminum curtain wall + plastic steel single glass window push and pull 4 (920 * 920)
House type Standard without cabinet / optional console
(L2200 * W 600 * H 820) Water basin (L 800*W 600*H820)
Toilet Optional hand basin (ceramic), toilet (ceramic), shower shower

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Applications and Advantages

1. Expandable container house can be used as dormitory, temporary hospital, toilet, office, storage room, etc.

2. Can be installed in a short time, assembled by bolts with a high intensity.

3. Can be used repeatedly with a life span of more than 15 years

4. With a well-sealed and reliable structure, water-proof, fireresistant, moisture-proof and anti-corrosive.

5. With supporting facilities such as washbasin, shower, airconditioner, socket and so on.

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