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Detachable Container House WNX – DCH22686 20ft 40ft Modular Homes Prefabricated Manufacturer

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This modular homes prefabricated consists of a two-unit detachable container house with a galvanized steel sliding door design and a high-quality steel structure frame. The size and interior of the detachable container house can be customized.

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Item Value
Size 5950*3000*2800mm
Service life 10 years
Wind load 0.60kN/㎡
Sound insulation
sound insulation index≥20dB
Fire resistance A degree
Waterproof Free drainage on both sides of main beams
Seismic fortification
8 degree
Floor live load 2.0kN/㎡
Roof live load 1.0kN/㎡
Door 20*40 Galvanized steel tube, thickness 1.2mm
Wall panel Both side 0.25 50type 950type rock wool panel 50kg/m3
Window Steel Windows with anti-theft, single glass, 925*1200mm
Floor 18mm Fireproof + moist proof Mgo cement board, 1147mm*2795mm
Interior decoration Custom requirement
Accessories material Standard Including all screws, structural
adhesive, etc
Detachable House Affordable Housing WNX-DCH22686 2
Detachable House Affordable Housing WNX-DCH22686 4
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